How To Automatically Forward Gmail Messages To Another Account

Google has very good and easy to use email platform called “Gmail” and which comes lots of great features and security.

Now, we are talking about how to automatically forward or redirect Gmail messages to another account.


Login to your Gmail account of which you want to forward messages.


After login you have to click on Gear Icon -> Setting on the right top and you will be redirected to settings section.


Once you are redirected on settings section you have to click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab and then click on “Add a forwarding address“.


After clicking on “Add a forward address” 1st popup will open and enter your new forwarding address and click “Next” and a 2nd popup will open and then click on “Proceed“. Once you proceed then one more popup will open to verify the permission click “OK“.


Login to your new email id and an open message from Google with the confirmation code. Copy the confirmation code and paste it into your old email to verify the permission (Gear Icon->Settings-> Forwarding and POP/IMAP).


After verifying permission you will have two options 1st Disable (not to forward to any account) and Forward to any particular email address (choose from the dropdown list on which you want to forward all new messages and you can also remove particular forwarding email address). And Gmail also gives you an option to keep a copy in the inbox, mark copy as read, archive or delete. You can select the one option which suits you best.


Once all done “Save Changes“.


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