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Why the Kundalini Yoga Mantra Sat Nam Is So Powerful

Siri Adi Singh, Kundalini Yoga teacher and co-founder of Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago

Siri Adi Singh, Kundalini Yoga teacher, DJ, and co-founder of Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago.

“Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam…”

Chanting Sat Nam with about 30 other yogis in class, my eyes are closed, arms raised overhead, and palms pressed together. At first I’m overthinking it, trying to keep up with the ”right” tempo and “right” emphasis on the mantra. My arms begin to fatigue and tingle from being raised above my heart for the past few minutes. Put my arms down? The idea flashes in my mind. Instead, something else happens as I continue to chant.

My mind moves into my body.

I become more and more entranced by the sounds—Sat Nam—until everything in me is so deeply focused on it. My awareness—of time, whether I was in unison with the others, or my nagging arm discomfort—ceases. Despite anything I am physically experiencing, chanting brings me to a place of complete focus and stillness within.

Discovering the Meaning of Mantra at Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago

This was the scene when Jeremy and I joined a Kundalini Yoga class taught by Siri Adi Singh, co-founder of Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago. There we learned that Sat means “truth” while Nam means “identify.” In other words, this mantra is a way to invoke the truth of our soul. What a beautiful name and intention for a yoga studio.

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