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How Jade Yoga Helps Combat Poverty Through Trees for the Future

Live Be Yoga ambassadors Jeremy Falk and Aris Seaberg are on a road trip across the country to share real talk with master teachers, explore innovative classes, and so much more—all to illuminate what’s in store for the future of yoga. Want more from Live Be Yoga? Follow the tour and get the latest stories @livebeyoga on Instagram and Facebook.

As a yogi, you may already realize that what you do on the mat can have a profound impact beyond the mat. But what if the mat itself made a difference? Well, Jade Yoga‘s eco-friendly, American-made rubber mats are reason enough to celebrate, but the brand doesn’t stop there. For every mat purchased, Jade Yoga will plant a tree through its partnership with Trees for the Future. Here, Jeremy and Aris visit the environmental organization to discover how it helps combats hunger and poverty. 

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